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Atomic Radio

Using a laser to detect the effect of radio waves on certain atoms is the basis for a new kind of antenna that resists interference and can receive a wider range of signals. Click talks to David Anderson who has reinvented the antenna from scratch.

4D printing allows 3D objects to can change shape reacting to external inputs such as pressure, temperature, light or other environmental stimuli, making 4D printed creations interactive. Researchers in Wellington, New Zealand are using biology as inspiration for their 4D designs. Click’s Simon Morton reports.

Dan Hett’s “The Loss Levels” appears as part of the Alternate Realities tour at the Brighton Digital Festival. “The Loss Levels” is a deeply personal and experimental arcade game that narrates the artist’s experience in 2017 when he lost his brother in the Manchester Arena terror attack. Click talks to Dan Hett.

The digital era gives us everything to own, but nothing to touch. In recent years there has been a return to vinyl with record shops opening up across the world: in Berlin alone there are more than 100. As a preview to Click’s special Radio Theatre programme next week, Snezana Curcic examines the relationship between analogue and digital.

(Image caption: Vacuum tube, radio – credit: Getty Images)

Producer: Colin Grant

Music Tech Fest in Stockholm

Music Tech Fest is a three-day arts festival and creative space where participants share and "develop new formats of musical performance and expression”. Click hears from Michela Magas about the highlights including a musical collaboration that helps a disabled DJ (Tim Palm) whose work with technology includes adjusting the controls on his iPad with his nose.

A new display at London’s V&A Museum explores what design for music can mean in the digital age – from a musical jacket woven with Beatie Wolfe's music to the world’s first "anti-stream" from the quietest room on Earth. Beatie Wolfe joins Click to discuss the new work.

Ken Kocienda spent fifteen years at Apple as part of a creative team making innovative software and is one of the key people behind why the iPhone touchscreen keyboard turned out the way it did, and why Apple’s product culture was so special. Kocienda joins Click to discuss his work in a new book, Creative Selection.

Drones will transform cities, revolutionising how people travel, how goods are delivered and how buildings look and are constructed, according to a documentary by Dezeen. Click talks to the director of the film, Marcus Fairs.

(Photo caption: Michela Magas © Music Tech Fest)

Producer: Colin Grant

'Neuropolitics' Consultants and Hacking

Click talks to Maria Pocovi, the founder of Emotion Research Lab in Valencia, Spain, and the science writer Elizabeth Svoboda about the rise of 'neuropolitics': the use of technology to gauge the concerns of voters and to influence the direction in which they will vote.

Facebook has been accused of not doing enough to halt the rise of hate speech directed at the Rohingya people on its platform. Click talks to reporter Aela Callan about her research in Myanmar on this subject and how she tried to alert Facebook.

The curator of a new exhibition at the V&A in London joins Click to explore the design and culture of contemporary videogames. Marie Foulston discusses how the show charts design in games and its remarkable innovations.

Image: Businessman holding brain and light bulb with global networking connection (Credit: Getty Images)

Producer: Colin Grant

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