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Newsmakers and Guest Experts offer their insights and perspectives into the national and global discourse on politics, economics, education, social matters and comprehensive dialogues on cultural diversity and other essential issues of public interest like, poverty alleviation, unemployment rate and health related issues.

‘The revolutionary empowerment of women’

For many years even up to today we keep seeing and hearing how women are striving for empowerment, be it in the political space or the business sector. On the African continent women in leadership position including the presidency is becoming normal as we’ve seen Joyce Banda in Malawi and now Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Liberia. Looking at the African continent, how should we describe the empowerment of women be it in business or politics? And also how do we define the term ‘empowerment’? Guest(Studio): Venicia Stelle Guinot - President and Founder of the Tropics Business Summit Guest(Studio): Tintswalo Makhubele - Executive Secretary General of South Africa Congress of Non Profit Organisations

‘Africa Country Benchmark Report 2017’

In On Africa has launched its second edition of the Africa Country Benchmark Report. The report is an assessment of all 54 African countries across business, economic, political and social factors. One of finding in the report is that the lack of good quality data contributes to a lack of capacity and poor decision-making which can lead to a complete lack of awareness of issues until they have escalated. How does this report describe the state of these countries and how can it help them turn their situations around? Guest(Swaziland): James Hall, the Founding Editor of IOA's Africa Conflict Monitor

‘Discrimination against people with disabilities’

Our guest says that she was treated badly at work and other places because of her disability. She believes that it is hard for people with disabilities in the workplace and she says that the media also contributes to the stigma of mentally ill people and that she was bullied at work. What would she say are some of the reasons behind the discrimination and when will we see people with disabilities treated equally 23 years into our democracy? Guest: Shellique Carby-Bird – Activist on disability issues who used to live with autism

‘Living with it’

This morning on ‘Living with it’ we speak to someone who lives with haemophilia. It is a rare condition that affects the blood's ability to clot. What is it like to live with it and what sort of challenges is one faced with? Guest: Cobus Visser – Has been living with Haemophilia since birth

`Didi M'

On our friday wind down feature today we focus on the music of Didi M who is a singer and a poet.

‘CIGFARO Annual Conference’

The Chartered Institute of Government Finance, Audit & Risk Officers, will be hosting their annual conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre next month. The event brings together Senior Municipal personnel, Councillors and Government Finance, Performance, Audit & Risk Officials in the Public Sector. What do the delegates take with them when they go back to their offices?

‘Legacy of Kwame Nkrumah’

Last week Thursday (21st September) was Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday which is marked as a public holiday in Ghana. He is being praised as a visionary and one of the great leaders Africa has ever produced. Deputy Chair of the African Union (AU), Kwesi Quartey says Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's name would live forever because his ideas and teachings remain very much alive and relevant. What was is it that makes him stand out as a great African leader? Guest: Pusch Commey – Editor of the New African Magazine and founder of Real African Writers page

‘SA experiencing decline in strike during economic downturn’

Our guest this morning is asking why does South Africa experience a decline in strike action during economic downturn? The Deaprtment of Labour in its 2016 Industrial Action Report has calculated that on average, South Africa lost a collective 2.5 million working days annually due to strike action between 2005 and 2015. What can we read into the decline? Guest: Aadil Patel - Head of Employment Practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr’s

‘Celebrating Matriarchy as an African Cultural Heritage’

Dr Mathole Motshekga explains why we should celebrate Matriarchy as an African cultural heritage. According to him, during the ancient times, the African society was a matriarchal society based on gender equality, but that through the destruction of the African past, identity, culture and religion, the spiritual philosophy and cosmology of the African people has been lost. guest: Dr Mathole Motshekga

‘Populism and nationalism: implications for South Africa’

What are the historical and methodological basis of the existence of these concepts? We examine how these concepts have shaped and reshaped societies in different ways over the years. Our guest argues that in South Africa the discourse has been with us since the birth of the liberation movements. Guest: Leslie Dikeni, Researcher & Author of Habitat and Struggle: The Case of the Kruger Park in South Africa (he coedited, with William Gumede, Poverty of Ideas: The Retreat of Intellectuals in New Democracies)

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