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Smart Cities in Finland

A smart city? Going by what the experts tell us, the cities of the future will be digital and connected. Smart cities use smart technology to improve the quality of life for their citizens - by boosting the transport network, cutting down on waste and resource consumption, and connecting people. In Finland, some of that is already reality.

Go for launch

Some of you may have heard that there's a certain 'European of German descent' floating above your head right now (or beneath your feat, if you're on the side of the Earth opposite of him), but many of you won't really know how the heck Alexander Gerst got there.

Put your lights on

On this week’s show we’re going to take a look at the EU’s new data protection laws. And we’ll meet somebody who offered all of his facebook data on ebay, partly to see what it was worth – and partly to prove a point. We’re also gearing up for Alexander Gerst's launch on Wednesday. What science will he be doing up on the ISS, how is he getting kids involved, and how did he get so ripped?

We are all living on a volcano

What's it like living next a shaking, spewing volcano? And what's coming next for Hawaiians? Also, we go inside the cone of a German volcano that erupted with such violence 13,000 years ago that it stopped the River Rhine.

Inside out

Hike Elba's trails without ever leaving the armchair, Germany's young hackers aren't really hacking anything, and the Netherlands even big enough for a wildlife preserve?

All bugs are just dust in the wind

An unbelievable collection of data gathered by entomological society in Krefeld shows that the biomass of flying insects in a couple of states in Germany has drastically gone down. 76 percent fewer bugs are flying around in 2017 compared to 30 years ago.

Robot for chronically ill children

On today’s show – can a robot really stop loneliness for sick kids? We talk to a researcher behind a novel blood test that detects the early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Spring fever in Europe

Germans get 'lethargic' before they catch spring fever, the 'ashtray of Europe,' a songbird decline in France, and a quiz for listeners. (Plus, health tips to get you fit for summer!)

"Horizons" on the horizon

On this week’s show, we’re going to take a look ahead to German astronaut Alexander Gerst’s new space mission. It’s called Horizons, and it will bring him back to the ISS in June. The Deutsche Welle science team was given exclusive access to the European Astronaut Center this week, so if you’d like to know what it takes to be an astronaut, please tune in to this special edition of Spectrum.

Lettuce celebrate food!

On the show: Can obesity induced inflammation reduce your ability to taste? How much CO² does one sandwich produce? You’ll be surprised.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it … ?

This week’s show is all about driving, flying and cycling. We navigate the streets of one European city on our bikes. Dodge rush-hour traffic in an electric car in another. And, ever wondered what it takes to be a drone pilot? Wonder no more. All that and more on this jam-packed edition of Spectrum with host Jessie Wingard.

Looking Down

An Italian shoemaker "imports feet," an ancient city discovered by lasers, polluted UK rivers, de-polluting air, wood as tough as steel - and a whole lot of health tips to boot.

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