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Ntšhirogele: Afternoon Drive Time Show

45 EPISODES | THOBELA FM |  Podcast, ±8 min episode every 5 weeks, 6 days
Ntshirogele is a fast paced afternoon drive time program laced with hottest and latest music, fresh entertaining information, engaging content, thought provoking topics, compelling celebrity news, intense artists’ interviews, up to date sports news and latest traffic updates. It is thrill a minute show that you wouldn’t want to miss for a second.


117 EPISODES | THOBELA FM |  Podcast, ±8 min episode every 1 week, 6 days
Hosted by Bradwin Monyamane and Timmy Thomas, Sedibeng focuses on healthy living, book reviews, marriage counseling, how to curb chronic illnesses and parenting to name a few. The show also offers motivational talks and professional advice from doctors, lawyers and marriage councilors.

Side by Side - Thobela FM

37 EPISODES | SABC EDUCATION |  Podcast, ±9 min episode every 6 days
Side-by-Side is a heartfelt new drama series about pregnancy, parenting, finding love (and keeping it!) and the family ties that bind us. Side-by-Side was launched by the National Department of Health in 2019 to ensure that all children receive the nurturing care and protection they need to reach their full potential. Every episode is followed by a discussion with an expert health guest to answer any of your childcare questions

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