Leading the Evolution

8 EPISODES | ECHOCAST RADIO |  Podcast, ±35 min episode every 6 days
In her podcast series ‘Leading The Evolution’, Tanya Kunze investigates how champions of industry have adapted, psychologically, physically and emotionally throughout their lives and specifically to the new normal in 2020. She uncovers how successful people, stay successful, no matter what life throws at them! How they balance business, personal and interpersonal, while staying positive and focused.

In this intimate conversation-style podcast, Kunze, a neuroscience coach, author and global keynote speaker, digs into the skillset and methodologies her guests have applied successfully to be agile in business, medicine and entrepreneurialism, obtaining powerful ‘life hacks’, which you can take out and apply to your life too!

Navigating Extreme Change

The Navigating Extreme Change podcasts are based on a series of articles written by Allon Raiz during the COVID-19 lockdown. The concept of change management is not new. However, extreme change resulting from an external force brings to the fore the substantial friction between the need to change and an organisation’s ability to change. Allon explores the balance required to successfully navigate a path between necessary change and the practicalities surrounding that change, offering advice and insights on how this can be achieved.

Renting Smart

6 EPISODES | RENTING SMART |  Podcast, ±24 min episode every 2 weeks, 1 day
The South African Residential Rental podcast - bringing common sense to rentals. A podcast for landlords, tenants, investors and anyone who deals with residential rentals. Get answers to every day rental questions and frustrations.

The Office Podcast

20 EPISODES | PODCAST STUDIO |  Series, ±51 min episode total time 17 hr 01 min
The Office podcast aims to help our listeners navigate the ever changing world of work & its complexities. All work and no play is no fun so we also take office breaks (tea time) to live, laugh, gossip and explore.

Lelo, Lyton & Kea use their extensive years of experience in corporate SA to discuss career related issues. They also get experts to answer listener questions on everything office related!

During Tea Time: the trio catches up in the Pause Area to share cheeky commentary on everything celebrity & entertainment.

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