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Elana Afrika's Baby Brunch | The Healing Series

From the team that brought you incredible stories of parenting, Baby Brunch presents the Healing series. We've all heard of people overcoming illness, trauma and tragedy. How do these ordinary people, who do extraordinary things, emerge from their challenges with greater strength, resilience and a renewed zest for life? Join the journey and the conversation as we uncover inspirational stories in the Healing series.

Elana Afrika's Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series

14 EPISODES | ELANA AFRIKA'S BABY BRUNCH |  Podcast, ±26 min episode every 1 week, 6 days
It takes a village to raise a child and connecting with fellow moms and dads leads to sharing of knowledge. The Baby Brunch podcasts feature fun and insightful conversations with ordinary parents doing extraordinary things. These can serve as a source of support, inspiration and great advice for moms and moms-to-be as we delve into the unique experiences of diverse parents.

Grimms' Fairy Tales

63 EPISODES | LIBRIVOX |  Book, ±10 min episode total time 10 hr 32 min
A classic collection of oral German folklore, brought together for posterity by the scholarly brothers Grimm in the 1800s, this epitome of fairy tales includes many of the world’s best known stories. In these dark foreboding woods, you will find: Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Lily and the Lion (better known as Beauty and the Beast), and Snow White and Rose Red, among other timeless works. These tales were later heavily revised and sanitised, but here are presented closer to their grim and beloved originals. (Summary by Marlo Dianne)
ENGLISH Read by Various Readers Kids & Family · Literature

Keeping Up With The Kalvaris

35 EPISODES | CLIFFCENTRAL.COM |  Podcast, ±56 min episode every 1 week
Damon and Bernice Kalvari, a powerhouse couple, get together every Thursday on Cliffcentral at 10am. Damon and Bernice are also joined on their panel by two other characters, who compliment the harmony of this Kalvari inner-sanctum. This is an irreverent, unfiltered, maybe even uncomfortable gathering, that will draw you in, and keep you well informed.

Bernice isn’t scared to criticize Damon in an open forum, in front of friends. And Damon just absorbs it, like an obedient sponge. Boundaries aren’t really breached, because they simply don’t exist. Lorraine and Nila are the two other characters that compliment the discussion; from general life experiences, to unspeakable matters, that are normally kept within the privacy of the home, behind closed doors.

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