Setting the Record Straight

5 EPISODES | PERFORMANCE WITH PAGE |  Podcast, ±59 min episode every 1 week
I chat to motoring and motorsport industry leaders and ask them the questions you want to hear! Digging deep into what is happening in the industry from behind the curtain. I ask technical questions from drivers and tuners and will be digging into all forms of motorsports, from Drifting to F1, spinning to drags. We love cars and racing!

The Ready D Show

25 EPISODES | GOOD HOPE FM |  Podcast, ±29 min episode every 7 weeks, 2 days
DJ, Turntablist, 4 Times SA DMC Champ - DJ of the Decade, Grand Master, Music Producer, Activist, Stunt, Drift and Race Car Driver, TV & Radio Presenter, Recording and touring Artist, Concepts and Consulting

DJ Ready D brings his experience and expertise to his Radio Show on Good Hope FM. This show celebrate and explore the modern day urban sounds and lifestyle on a broad scale.
DJ Ready D's presenting style strongly embrace his Cape Town accent - dialect and swagger enabling him to switch modes through his delivery.

Hip Hop Culture's artistic values and philosophy are the threads that run through the show. DJ Ready D exhibits his skill through his mix sessions by incorporating ever evolving mixing and scratching techniques. The guest DJ's are selected personalities that bring their unique expression into the mix.

Subject matter is always geared towards awareness, addressing community issues and leaving the listener with a sense of hope.


63 EPISODES | MAROELA MEDIA |  Podcast, ±20 min episode every 5 days
Die egpaar Carl en Jeanette Kritzinger bespreek weekliks in Wiele2Wiele die jongste motornuus, van bekendstellings en padtoetse tot algemene nuus en handige wenke. Nicol Louw, tegniese redakteur van die tydskrif CAR, gee ook sy kundige mening.

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