Arts Research Africa PhD Dialogues Series

These dialogues from the Wits School of Arts, Arts Research Africa project foster a conversation in the School and in the broader African arts and arts education communities. This series is under the title "New Concepts, New Challenges, New Formats – envisaging the Creative Work PhD in an African Research University". It seeks to engage with the actual conceptualisation and research that is being done by candidates and their supervisors with the Creative Work PhD at WSOA and aim to bring this work into dialogue with both national and international practices and debates.

As You Like It

6 EPISODES | LIBRIVOX |  Book, ±23 min episode total time 2 hr 23 min
One of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, As You Like It is a pastoral comedy of mistaken identity, wit, and love. Daughter of a banished duke and forced to flee the court, Rosalind hides in the Forest of Arden disguised as a man. When her true love Orlando also shows up in the forest, she courts him without revealing her identity. Meanwhile, Phebe mistakenly falls in love with her disguise, Silvius pines for Phebe, Jacques philosophizes, and Touchstone makes fun of it all, and love and happiness triumph (for the most part) as Rosalind orchestrates a happy ending amid the confusion. (Summary by Rosalind Wills)
ENGLISH Read by Various Readers Comedy · Arts · Literature

CLoud Radio

6 EPISODES | CLOUD RADIO |  Podcast, ±55 min episode every 3 days
The loudest you've heard - we are a team of unrecognised individuals who seek to empower ourselves in the podcasting world. Our team consists of 10 podcast personalities who bring fresh and relevent content on a regular basis. they are: Sean Dlamini, Thapelo 'Shemi Moss' Mosaka, Hurvey 'CozmicIndiago' Segoai, Lebogang ‘Mmino Waka’ Nyama, Perserverence Mamidza, Sibusiso 'Smuzi' Ndlovu, Sphamandla ‘Colo’ Chonco, Gcinekile Nkosi and Mpho 'Dimples' Lephuthi.

We aim to empower and grow the urban culture and believe in DREAM = TEAM and would approach it as able as we can.


16 EPISODES | LIBRIVOX |  Book, ±12 min episode total time 3 hr 17 min
Carmilla is a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan le Fanu. First published in 1872, it tells the story of a young woman's susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla. Carmilla predates Bram Stoker's Dracula by over twenty years, had a strong influence on Stoker's famous novel. (Summary from Wikipedia)
ENGLISH Read by Elizabeth Klett Arts · Literature

Cult Esteem hosted by Palesa Hajie

3 EPISODES | TOUCH HD |  Podcast, ±45 min episode every 4 days
Cult Esteem is a lifestyle magazine show that celebrates the self and all the things that contribute to making the self feel and look better.

We talk about beauty, fashion and anything that is trendy and fun at the time. We cover topics like the latest beauty and diet trends. Artists and fashion designers making waves on alternative platforms.


6 EPISODES | LIBRIVOX |  Book, ±34 min episode total time 3 hr 27 min
Cymbeline is one of Shakespeare's late romances, which (like The Tempest and The Winter's Tale) combines comedy and tragedy. Imogen, the daughter of King Cymbeline of Britain, angers her father when she marries Posthumus, a worthy but penniless gentleman. The King banishes Posthumus, who goes to Rome, where he falls prey to the machinations of Iachimo, who tries to convince him that Imogen will be unfaithful. Meanwhile, the Queen (Imogen's stepmother) plots against her stepdaughter by trying to plan a match between Imogen and her worthless son Cloten. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)
ENGLISH Read by Various Readers Arts · Literature

Do we choose our battles or do our battles choose us?

Inspired by a recent visit to a children's hospice (Naledi Hospice) in Bloemfontein, South Africa, as well as four year-old paraplegic Fifi, Thabang Moselane reflects on whether we choose our battles or whether our battles choose us.

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