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Touch Central aims to offer a music, lifestyle and talk platform not restricted by bureaucracy but instead, led by the listeners’ views, demands and needs. Touch Central is the stable for wild horses – relevant, contemporary and independent-thinking. The added value of the platform being online and mobile opens up its multimedia capabilities to a boundless dimension of interaction.

The Best of Both Worlds

21 episodes |  Podcast, ±45 min episode every 6 days
The Best of Both Worlds is a two-hour show presented by editor, author and now Touch Central host, Lerato Tshabalala. Half talk, half music – #TheBestOfBothWorlds is a no-holds barred mid-morning show covering all social commentary and showcasing rarely played music. From the prickly issue of tipping car guards to situationships and cyber stalking, Lerato (known to her friends as Jazz), tackles everyday issues that are uniquely South African, but with a global appeal. The show will also include interviews with newsmakers and influencers. Lerato flips the bird on sanitised radio high rotation ‘hits’. Look forward to hearing the latest music that popular radio refuses to play, from Bryson Tiller to OVO’s dvsn, Laura Mvula and The Internet to old school kwaito, RnB and hip hop beats like Trompies, Craig Mack and Amunishin. If you’re looking to hear Ariana Grande and Jason Derulo or sweet girly talk then you better keep it movin’ pimpin’ because this ain’t that show! Uncensored #BlackGirlMagic will be served and you will like it.

Arye and Kat

34 episodes |  EXPLICIT CONTENT | Podcast, ±18 min episode every 5 days
Arye Kellman and Katlego Mohoaduba represent a new force in the South African, African and Global media industries as a powerful broadcasting duo who are able to meaningfully connect with their peers in a digital world. When the two take on a microphone together, what transpires is nothing short of a millennial masterpiece which is authentic, empowering and highly entertaining in nature. Arye and Katlego use powerful conversation across a variety of platforms to constantly connect with their audience and consistently keep them engaged and committed to the show.


6 episodes |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 3 days
Brand South Africa wants to get young people fired up about the Constitution. After all, it is considered the most progressive Constitution in the world! So why is the Constitution so important? Well, the Constitution is an amazing living document that enables and empowers all South Africans to live the life of their dreams. Whether you are passionate about politics or pop music, the Constitution makes everything possible. By enshrining and protecting our basic human rights, the Constitution is the blueprint that makes it possible to speak your mind on social media, pursue the career of your dreams or simply marry the person you love no matter their sex, gender, race or religion. So, join the likes of Tbo Touch, Nina Hastie and Laduma Ngxokolo in discussing how this inspiring document makes it possible for them to live their best lives!


9 episodes |  EXPLICIT CONTENT | Podcast, ±32 min episode every 2 weeks, 4 days
#HDRADIO is back! On The TouchDown with Tbo Touch, weekdays from 3pm to 6pm. The TouchDown is a cutting-edge online broadcast and showbiz platform that embraces genuine interactions with continental and global trendsetters and game changers. This is an extraordinary show where the listeners will engage on topical issues from around the world, whether it’s economical, business-oriented or technological innovation, be sure to catch it on The TouchDown with Tbo Touch. If you thought radio is not fascinating anymore, then prepare yourself to be entertained, informed and educated with an ultra lit and slaying twist to new age HD Radio. Catch the special Monday Replenishment feature at the end of the show. This is an ‘urban gospel’ musical component where he ministers and heals the soul, preparing you to conquer the week ahead. TouchDown – Unplugged… Uncensored… Undisputed radio show.


31 episodes |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every day
For those who work, live and play the night shift, get ready for a little company. #MyNightShift is a brand new show on Touch Central weekdays between 6 and 8pm, hosted by some of SA’s biggest names. Join hosts Tol A$$ Mo, Nomzamo Mbatha and Tim Modise as each of them salute a different night shift throughout the week through a series of interesting interviews, trending topic discussions, the latest music and much more.