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© SABC © 2011  Metro FM is a national radio station in South Africa owned by the SABC. The station broadcasts on FM Stereo as well as the DStv Bouquet Channel 181. The station started broadcasting in September, 1986 as Radio Metro to compete with the now defunct Radio Bop. Playing a mix of urban contemporary and bubblegum pop Radio Bop was able to reach black audiences in parts of the Transvaal by broadcasting on the AM band from the "independent" bantustan of Bophuthatswana where it was licensed. This prompted the SABC's then white management to launch Radio Metro which was put on air in about six months, from the planning stages. The station launched the careers of many radio celebrities including Bob Mabena, Shado Twala and Lawrence Dube.

083 Sports @ 6

112 episodes |  Podcast, ±1 hr 02 min episode every 4 days
083Sports@6 with Robert Marawa offers a wealth of well-researched sport statistics and news, combined with opinions and predictions for what lies ahead. SABC’s flagship radio sports programme, the show offers exclusive interviews, audio bites and conversations with those at the footstep of sporting decisions and those who pen them down. This interactive prime-time show keeps fanatics posted on the latest breaking news in sports. The show also focuses on developmental projects aimed at forming tomorrow’s sport superstars today. Speaks to: Sports lovers – male skew


398 episodes |  Podcast, ±15 min episode every day
A mid-morning which is not your average mid-morning show, anchored by the award winning Bonang, technical producer Naked DJ and producer JJ keeps South Africa entertained with their highly interactive and upbeat daily show. The show is filled with a mixture of METRO FM’s signature music sounds, listener music selection, Naked DJ mixes and JJ’s witty comments during the popular ‘ask a man’ feature which affords ladies the opportunity to ask men any question they want and seek advice. With a daily themed show, Money Mondays, fashion lifestyle Tuesdays, celebrity Wednesdays, urban Africa Thursdays and Travel Fridays, the show doesn’t offer the listener an opportunity to take a break with exciting, fun, witty interactions, daily listener music selections and high social media interaction – this show puts the listener on the front row of everything they need.

The Great Escape

57 episodes |  Podcast, ±19 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
Lunch is served on a silver platter with Amon and Pearl Modiadie, served with all the ingredients on the menu and leaves you asking for seconds and thirds. The show has a fresh injection of fabulousness in Pearl Modiadie who brings a new approach and vibe to the show with a street smart yet elegant young lady who appeals to both male and female market. With features that are set to keep the listeners engaged yet connected whether in the office, in traffic, out of school or just pure listening pleasure the show will make you listen up. Throw in some sports from new sports girl Mpho Maboi to keep all sports fans updated throughout the day and you have a lunch meal that one can’t resist. The show also offers mixes that will keep your feet tapping to the beat. Nothing more says lunch time than The Great Escape.

Metro FM Talk

90 episodes |  Podcast, ±36 min episode every 6 days
Positive talk provides a holistic journey through a healthy mind, body and spirit, the show touches on the sensitive yet important parts of our complete self, a shift from a survival to a living mode is what every listener benefits from listening to wellness talk with Criselda What differentiates this show from other talk shows is that the host is a wellness specialist, the guests are specialists in their given fields who understand the challenges facing South Africa and their main objective is to inspire a healthy nation through education. The shows offerings: Nutrition Rest and Recreation Love, Life and Relationships Health Sexuality Support Groups

Urban Jazz Experience

55 episodes |  Podcast, ±14 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
There is nothing like a bit of Sunday night jazz to beat the blues. The show features amongst other styles, contemporary and African jazz. Nothemba’s interviews and profiles on jazz artists will keep you clued up on all that you need to know. This show is aimed at allowing the listener to kick back and relax whilst summing up their weekend before entering into another busy week.

The First Avenue

88 episodes |  Podcast, ±9 min episode every 6 days
The First Avenue is a show with a unique style of broadcasting. The proven ability of this team to captivate hundreds and thousands of people encompasses a formula of; relaxed entertainment on a high scale. The relaxed, structured tone will ease listeners in to a hectic day of work. The teams ‘down to earth’, hands on approach is key in being able to attract audience and make a first time listener into a loyal listeners. They tell it like it is, unsympathetically. Unathi’s charm and wit ads to the duo’s lighthearted style of broadcasting whilst Glen still sits at the helms with his credibility and charm. Melanie is key in adding facts to any matter and is sometimes seen as the mediator between the two presenters – the voice of reason. Owen’s credibility in the sporting world adds to the already extremely professional dynamic of this team. The chemistry of the entire team is undeniable and makes for great radio.

Wide Awake with Adil and Loot Love

5 episodes |  Podcast, ±19 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
Adil connects with his audience through their first love….music. There are competitions to be won, experiences to be created and knowledge and wisdom is brought through in the form of music, the ‘soundtrack to our lives”.

The Sacred Space

1 episodes |  Podcast
Largely Christian based but doesn’t exclude all other religions. The highly accomplished producer, writer, actor and presenter Thami Ngubeni brings a strong element of spirituality to her show. The show is ideal for those who need inspiration, or just a serene moment to recharge their batteries for the week that lies ahead

The 5 Star Show

8 episodes |  Podcast, ±8 min episode every 4 weeks
The show is mixture of foot tapping, head shaking, body moving weekend beats with a mixture of music mixes that will kick into any party or chillers session. With the versatile Black Chinese Guy – William Lehong and the sexy Lerato K. behind the mic, they bring together a balance between kasi style and charismatic presenting to put together a weekend lifestyle show which is filled with music, celeb interviews and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to talk about their humble beginnings to where they are now. This show is a mixture of all things you would expect from a 5 star menu.