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Good Hope FM contributes to the development of South African music and local content through a consistent delivery according to ICASA guidelines and expectations. The station hosts regular interviews with local artists and continues to support the local music industry.

Stan Mars

45 episodes |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 4 weeks, 1 day
The lunch show is light and conversational, dispersed with some wit, humour and awesome music features. Lunch on Mars show keeps you informed and up-to-date with the latest news with Vania Cloete-Collison. Listeners also have the opportunity to send shout outs, billed Live @ Lunch listeners, be it young or old, in love or just asking for forgiveness, these folks send messages via sms, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Fast Forward with Sean

131 episodes |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 5 days
Fast Forward with Sean is just that: fast-paced and constantly moving forward. Never dwelling on anything for too long, the team which includes Vania Cloete-Collison, Dev Currer and Geri Saunders keep listeners up to date with daily events, sport and traffic in a way that is unparalleled. This award winning afternoon drive show knows how to get you home feeling refreshed and revitalized. Fast Forward with Sean crams 3 hours with useful tips, tricks, informative chats and entertaining banter and hot music.

The Ready D Show

20 episodes |  Podcast, ±26 min episode every 3 weeks, 4 days
DJ, Turntablist, 4 Times SA DMC Champ - DJ of the Decade, Grand Master, Music Producer, Activist, Stunt, Drift and Race Car Driver, TV & Radio Presenter, Recording and touring Artist, Concepts and Consulting DJ Ready D brings his experience and expertise to his Radio Show on Good Hope FM. This show celebrate and explore the modern day urban sounds and lifestyle on a broad scale. DJ Ready D's presenting style strongly embrace his Cape Town accent - dialect and swagger enabling him to switch modes through his delivery. Hip Hop Culture's artistic values and philosophy are the threads that run through the show. DJ Ready D exhibits his skill through his mix sessions by incorporating ever evolving mixing and scratching techniques. The guest DJ's are selected personalities that bring their unique expression into the mix. Subject matter is always geared towards awareness, addressing community issues and leaving the listener with a sense of hope.

Danilo Acquisto

21 episodes |  Podcast, ±5 min episode every 2 weeks, 4 days
Welcome to THE #MUSICLAB where YOUR voice is the most important voice on the show. You and Danilo do DOOF DOOF on Saturday and chill like a dollar bill on Sundays. Go on… listen… We dare you! Saturday Tune in to all of the doof doof beats on Saturdays between 12 and 3 where for the first hour we play you all the brand new tracks and remixes straight off the mixers of the worlds best EDM DJs. It’s then time for DJ Jason Abels to have your speakers for 30mins of his favourite dance jams. As if that wasn’t enough music, how about we throw in 30min of YOUR jams on our request line (basically Twitter and Facebook) and allow you to choose between 3 songs at the end of the show. Sunday Basically take all the doof doof from Saturday and minus the doof doof. All of the requests, DJ sets, Out With a Banger and shout outs remain the same but we know you just came from church and so Danilo just plays you what’s hot and laid back in the RnB, Pop and Throwback scene Both shows are really about you. The more YOU put in, the more your speakers will put out. Happy listening to the #MUSICLAB!

Dan Corder

8 episodes |  Podcast, ±4 min episode every 10 weeks, 2 days
Dan didn’t listen to radio until he was on it. He began campus radio in his third year of university, and quickly rose to become co-host and producer, and then host, of the weekday breakfast show. After a year in the game, and an MTN Radio Award as part of the on-air team that won Best Campus Breakfast Show for 2015, Dan got the call from Good Hope FM, and now hosts the Weekend Breakfast show. Dan is creative, vibrant, cheeky enough to draw attention, and usually quick-witted enough to stay out of the bad kind. He is passionate about the art of good radio, good stories (telling and hearing), good music, and Cape Town. He is ambitious, craves knowledge, and really just wants to have a good time, all the time. So a classic young South African, really.

Ayanda Dlamini

3 episodes |  Podcast, ±7 min episode every 13 weeks, 4 days
She a culturally eclectic, kasi come suburban chick. The tiny Ms Tini is light hearted, bubbly and truly believes that the shortest distance between two people is a laugh. She doesn’t believe in sweating the small stuff and believes that her creative thoughts are what she’s all about. To relax she enjoys reading and listening to all sorts of music as long as it’s not heavy metal. Like most women she enjoys shopping and confessed to a weakness for shoes and accessories.