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Ask The Naked Scientists

Naked Scientists   |   Podcast, ±21 min episodes every 1 week, 3 days  Follow channel
Why scratch your head if you don't know the answer? What about the Earth made the dinosaurs so big? Why does the Universe spin? Is the Sun seem brighter in the morning than the evening? Are autistic people particularly at home with computers? Why do effervescent tablets fizz only in water? Why do Parkinson's patients sleepwalk without difficulty? Plus, news of a decoy molecule that can treat dwarfism and what earwax has revealed about blue whales...

The first in-vitro vagina?

How have doctors grown new vaginas in vitro? Are fires feasible in space? Why does the moon always show to same face to us? Why don't we see disabled animals? Why would a watch spontaneously restart after being stopped for 10 years? How do they make the flavour stick to popcorn? What is total internal reflection? How do you stop birds nesting on a rooftop?

How Sunny is it on Saturn?

What's inside Enceladus? How do we make water safe for drinking? How Sunny is it on Saturn's moons? What causes motion sickness? Could we collect sunlight in space and beam the power down to Earth? Can lunar gravity cause earthquakes? How did primordial gravity waves arise? Are buried bodies still infectious years later?

Where does Earth get its oxygen?

How did scientists make a synthetic chromosome? How does heat radiate? What wakes us up in the morning? Where does oxygen come from? Are black boxes bouyant? Where did the Big Bang come from? Are airbags wired to seatbelts? Do couples end up looking like each other? And why does anxiety produce butterflies in the stomach?

What are gravity waves?

Is gravity waves from the Big Bang a big deal? Is evolution still occurring? Why does water boil at lower temperature at altitude? Can the brain be hitched up to control a computer? Are power lines bad for your health? Will sleeping with the light on harm health? How accurate is a medical syringe? And why does spinning around make me dizzy?

Why do Guinness bubbles go downwards?

How do the processing power of a brain compare with a computer? How can we shield astronauts en-route to Mars? Do ants prefer protein? What causes left handedness? Why do bubbles go downwards in a glass of Guinness? And do older makes of television emit X-rays?

Does wet coal produce less power?

Can weather be manipulated? Will wet coal produce less electricity in a power station? Why does curry make my nose run? Is aluminium linked to Alzheimer's? Is it better to drink warm water? Who lives near the Chernobyl site? This week Dr Chris answers more questions from 702ers, and, in the light of the Oscar Pistorius case, considers the reliability of memory...

Can a phone affect my fertility?

Can a mobile phone between the legs affect fertility? Why does wet cornflour stiffen when squeezed? Does light at night affect reproductive success of local animals? Can animals smell fear? And what actually is IQ? Plus, Dr Chris explores how animals are evolving in response to the influence of humans...

Where does dust come from?

How does acid produce stem cells? Why do carpets creep across the floor? Where does dust come from? Why can't flying insects escape from the surfaces of swimming pools? Do women multitask better than men? What is andogenic alopecia? Do we sneeze when we are asleep? What's special about graphene? And is nutritional data on food labels reliable?

What causes a blood red moon?

The cause of a blood red moon, is there an upper limits for temperature, where does the Sun's hydrogen come from, what does a blind person see in their mind's eye, and are e-cigarettes safer? Join Dr Chris Smith as he tackles the top questions sent in to Talk Radio 702...

Would a swimmer hit by lightning be fried?

What's the difference between GM technology and cloning? If lightning hits a swimming pool, would a swimmer be fried? What happens when we get used to smells? Why does beetroot make urine red? Why do I stick out my tongue to concentrate? Where does the water in comets come from? What are the products of fuel combustion?

How do you size-up a CME?

How is the scale of coronal mass ejection (CME) measured? How does evolution work? Why is sole and palm skin a lighter colour? Why causes magnetic field flips? What are blood groups and do animals have their own blood groups? Join Dr Chris for this week's crop of questions from Talk Radio 702, South Africa...