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A weekend breakfast show about the tradition & diversity of the family. This is a sacred safe space where family members of the tribe come together to share stories of their journey, find inspiration & get life tools to up skill their lives.
4 February 2017 - Week end Breakfast #Tribe February Theme is Financial Fit February! The Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum will join #Tribe each Saturday to share tips & tricks of working toward Financial Fitness. Creating an early year habit of moving from anxiety around money toward confidence and freedom. This week she shared 4 beliefs that stop you from creating wealth!
Aliya Haeri - Transpersonal Psychologist, Mentor & Lifecoach, born in Hawaii, with over 25 years international experience in psychotherapy, having worked in UK, US, Germany, Sweden, India, the Gulf Emirates, Pakistan & Canada, she shares her insights of human potential, courage & self reliance. #Tribe Week-end breakfast January 2017 theme is 'Plan to Prosper' - the Tribe kits you out with tools to acquire your goals by looking at the different aspects to make this happen. Mind, Body & Soul. - 14 Jan 2016
Helen Hansen - Transformational facilitator speaks about IQ & EQ & the different spheres of the mind to enable change of habit in creating goals & deliverables. Week End Breakfast #Tribe on Radio 2000 have a theme to Plan to Prosper through January 2017. #Tribe consults with a variety of specialist contibutors this month in planning to prosper by understanding the engagement of the mind body & emotion to attaining your goals.