#ChangeTheNarrative with Khonology

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Khonology is an African services company passionate about empowering Africa’s businesses, communities and people through technology. The company has been changing lives for the last 3 years by imparting knowledge, empowering and employing African talent that has proven that Africa has immense potential. Khonology’s aim is to transform the continent by collaborating finance and technology to overcome Africa’s social and economic challenges.
A DTI survey has revealed only 3% of South Africa's economy is black-owned. The survey raises a scary disparity, proving that Africa is far from being independent and self-sustainable. The ownership of products and services is a key factor behind the 'Africa by Africans' movement, which stands for Africa taking ownership of its outcomes related to employment, education, inequality and wellbeing. How does Africa start taking ownership of the economic value chain... and how does Africa builds its own ecosystem and start benefitting from it? Vongani Shirelele, Theo Mashego, and Africa Nkosi present their perspectives and offer some insights.
According to Institute for Study Securities Africa, many refer to the shift in data collection and analysis as a ‘data revolution,’ in which there is unprecedented potential to mainstream the use of ‘big data’ in areas like marketing, government services and development. Big data is a somewhat nebulous term, but here it refers to large, complex datasets which are rapidly generated from electronic sources such as cell phones, social media and satellites.
Khonology's senior principal Manyano Dlulane joins Mosa and Africa as a guest. The first ever show revolves around what #ChangeTheNarrative means to them and the people, discussing how Africans are responsible for creating the Africa they desire. They also discuss how technology is an enabler in the current African market, and how Fintech is contributing to the continent. The discussions are concluded by opening the floor to how Africans can get their hands on the Fintech trend.