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A military court in Cameroon adjourns the case of three activists for spearheading protests in English-speaking regions+++African countries are showing signs of heavy indebtedness to international creditors+++Detention without trial, a big problem in Uganda.
Europe’s top court rules that companies can ban employees from wearing headscarf’s and other religious symbols. Could this open doors to discrimination?Also in the programme we will get to hear about the aftermath of the Dutch Turkey row, as President Erdogan hunts for Diaspora votes+++And Anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders fails to make a breakthrough in Dutch election
South Africa agrees to compesate Marikana victims+++ Uganda says security forces killed more than 100 in palace assault last year+++ Ahmad ousts veteran Hayatou as CAF president.
Kenyan Uhuru Kenyatta delivers his last State of the Nation address +++ Somali pirates demand ransom for a release of ship and crew+++ Voters go to the polls in the Netherlands
Turkey and Germany yet again find themselves in a war of words as president Erdogan looks for Diaspora votes +++Dutch, far right politician Geert Wilders, reaches out to voters ahead, of March 15th polls +++And we will be in France, where Marine Le Pen's party, is working hard to win immigrants support.
New rebel group formed in South Sudan+++Gambia prepares to elect new members of parliament after departure of strongman Yahya Jammeh+++Human rights groups raise concerns over rising cases of mob justice
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres makes urgent appeal to combat drought+++South Africa revokes decision to leave ICC+++International Women's Day: The plight of young girls recruited as suicide bombers by Boko Haram
Fifty days of internet blackout in Cameroon+++International Women's Day: Why Nigerian women are joining Boko Haram+++UN Secretary General urges international community to avert hunger in Somalia