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A weekly podcast by Zimbabwean writer and blogger Larry Kwirirayi talking current affairs, news and opinion.
On this week's episode I spell out why Prophet Magaya and his mistress got caught (basically their rookie mistakes), the Warriors at at Afcon 2017, Cal Vin's incredible meltdown on social media and #DataMustFall in Zimbabwe. All this and more including the special song for the Warriors by T Mula, Bounty Lisa, Abra Simzz, Uno and Danny T.
On this week's episode I have a wee-rant about Potraz and its weird proposal to increase the price of data and voice on mobile. Then I get a few comments in on the whole Stunner-Olinda situation, some of which are surprising. Also thoughts on the Warriors, Jackie and Nakai's weird fight Lundi and more.
So in the first episode of 2017 I present a defence for Makandiwa's seed money request (yes!) and host Fitness Bae together with Fitness Hunk for a discussion on couples living together for 7 years suddenly breaking up with the guy getting married immediately after. All this and more on this week's #KwiriCast!