Enviro Show

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Presented by Nancy Richards
Sustainable Development Goal 11: sustainable communities and cities - documentary photographer, Paul Weinberg joins us in studio and we talk Energy Efficiency and DECARBONIZATION of cities with Carbon Trust Africa. Then homeless URBAN GARDENERS and thoughts on the legalization of Dagga - and to wrap we catch up with BRAAM MALHERBE after 73 days at sea as he rows from CT to Rio.
Sustainable Development Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities - we speak with JAY NAIDOO about the work of EARTH RISE in social and ecological justice and then turning ILEGAL DUMPS into FOOD gardens. Adam Oxford, Editor of FOOD BASKET - a supplement in the latest Sunday Times - joins us to talk about the Field to Fork chain and to wrap, JASON DREW on FLY farming and revolutionizing animal feed.
MINING: the enviro and social impact with the book, Legacy of the Mine and a new GREEN TECH solution to cleaning mine waste water - then the legacy of FRACKING in the US and Canada. In our Forage Feature: MILK - shelf life and packaging. And to wrap, we travel to the Kruger where poaching is being tackled using a unique collab between tech, man and beast
We discuss the plight of White LIONS with Miss Earth and get an insight into the environmental impact after the DBN factory fire from Desmond D'sa of the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance. Then the booming WASTE industry: focusing on e-waste and recycled cooking OIL and to wrap - in our Forage Feature we put SORGHUM in the spotlight.
It's National Water Week and we ask 'how do we plan for the future when it comes to WATER scarcity' with WWF and their latest report on Future Water Scenarios - then ENERGY: how cost effective are renewables with the CSIR and what is the role of IPPs - how do they navigate the energy landscape in SA? To wrap, the ECO FILM FEST and the wonderful conservation PLAY Kwamanzi with actor, NHLANHLA MAVUNDLA
SA WEATHER Service sheds light on the huge swells hammering the KZN coastline and innovations in WATER from CT to Rwanda with the Watershed Project - and a successful 10 year water conservation initiative at Spier. How ACTIVATED CHARCOAL can make your water cleaner and tastier! Then from farm to fork - SOYA bean crops and the armyworm outbreak.
It's the 5th week of our Sustainable Development Goal series and tonight we look at Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in the environmental space - the WOMEN ON FARMS PROJECT joins us to discuss economic opportunities for women andPROFESSOR ANUSUYA CHINSAMY-TURAN gives us her insight into women in science and her lecture series on the SIXTH EXTINCTION. Then - Land and Sea with a visiting NEPALESE MOUNTAIN GUIDE, Satish Man Pati who brings us The Great Himalayan Trail and oceanographer/ author, Charles Griffiths on the TWO OCEANS.
Steve Cohen from the EARTH INSTITUTE in New York on 'what we could be learning from China's sustainability policies'. Then part 4 in our Sustainable Development Goals series - Quality Education - AGRI TRAINING and advice with the Buhle Farmer's Academy. Then a call for GREENTREPRENEURS from fetola.co.za and a green business developing people and sustainable practices with THEMBI MAESELA from Burgersfort. And to wrap, we connect with BRAAM MALHERBE 2000km out to sea as he rows from CT to Rio!